Key Definitions and Concepts

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The System for Transparent Allocation of Resources (STAR) is a system for allocating resources to countries in a transparent and consistent manner based on global environmental priorities and country capacity, policies and practices relevant to successful implementation of GEF projects. The main benefits of the STAR are the predictability of funding and the flexibility in programming, which contributes to country ownership of GEF projects and programs. 

Under the STAR, each eligible country has an indicative allocation –the funding that a country can access for biodiversity, climate change mitigation and land degradation during the four-year cycle. 

STAR resources within a country are managed by the GEF Operational Focal Point (OFP) – this is usually a person in the country’s Ministry of Finance or Environment. The Operational Focal Point is responsible for determining how STAR resources are programmed. A full list of GEF Operational Focal Points can be found here.