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Project execution is the final stage of the GEF project cycle, and is the result of all key decisions and plans made during the project development process. Project execution begins when the team responsible for managing the project (the Project Management Unit) is nominated and recruited, and the spending of GEF funds on project activities begins. 

The Project Execution section of Tracks will cover: 

  • Roles and Responsibilities (Implementation versus Execution) 
  • Inception Workshop
  • Reporting Requirements (see table below)
Reporting Requirement Responsible Deadline Notes
Annual Work Plan and Budget   PMU Annually  
Quarterly Financial Report PMU Quarterly  
Financial Audit PMU Annually  
Project Progress Report PMU Biannually  
Project Implementation Report            WWF GEF Agency   Annually Submitted to the GEF Secretariat
Project Support Mission WWF GEF Agency, PMU         Annually May occur more frequently based on project
Results Framework PMU Annually  
Co-Financing Letters PMU Annually  
Mid-term Evaluation Independent Evaluator   Mid-term Not needed for MSP
Terminal Evaluation Independent Evaluator   Close  
Tracking Tool PMU Mid-term and Close     
Project Closeout Report  PMU Close  



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