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Once a project has been fully designed and detailed in the CEO Endorsement Request Document, the project should be validated with key partners to ensure support for the project.

A WWF GEF Agency Upstream Review will identify any last changes that are needed before project submission. A final formal review will ensure the project documents are ready for submission.

Documentation submitted to the GEF includes:

  • CEO Endorsement Request Document—a GEF template that presents the project at a high level.
  • Tracking Tools/ Core Indicators —The GEF core indicators are a set of standard indicators that help the GEF Secretariat track and report progress at the GEF portfolio level. A core indicator worksheet must be submitted for each project. If the project is accessing funding through LDCF or SCCF, a climate change core indicator worksheet needs to be completed. Core indicators and sub-indicators are described in detail here.
  • Co-financing Commitment Letters—Each co-financing source must sign a letter (template provided) that states the amount of funding that will be provided, and the component(s) that the funding corresponds to. During execution, co-financing sources will need to report on their commitments each year.

While the project is under review by the GEF Secretariat and GEF CEO, the Executing Agency can start preparing for execution. These preparations and associated documentation are needed for Agency Approval—the last step before execution of activities may begin.