How to use this Manual

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This Manual is a “how to” guide for developing a quality WWF GEF project that meets WWF GEF Agency policies and procedures. The processes described in this manual should be completed in partnership with national authorities and partners. 

How to use this Manual:

The Manual is a step by step guide for developing a GEF project. For each step, the following information is provided when relevant:

  1. Inputs: Inputs are previous deliverables that feed into a given step. For example, a “Desktop Gender Assessment” is a prerequisite for a “Gender Analysis and Gender Action Plan.”
  2. Deliverables: Used to demonstrate progress throughout project development.
  3. Guidance Text: Guidance text provides the “how to” for achieving specific deliverables.
  4. Policies: Compulsory and must be applied (Social and Environmental safeguards, Gender, Stakeholder engagement).
  5. Templates: WWF GEF Agency templates and official GEF templates are provided when applicable. These templates align with the guidance text and are kept up to date.
  6. Examples: Examples showcasing successful past project templates/processes/etc., are provided.