Roles & Responsibilities

WWF GEF Agency Management Unit—provide guidance to the Project development team for the project proposal development to ensure GEF eligibility. The WWF GEF agency is responsible for overseeing due diligence during the execution phase.

  • WWF GEF Agency Project Manager: The WWF GEF Agency Project Manager is responsible for guiding and supporting project development, quality control to GEF standards and compliance with GEF and WWF policies. He/she is the focal point for all communication with the WWF GEF Team and the GEF Secretariat.  The Project Manager facilitates decisions regarding the project.
  • RBM/PPMS Specialist: In coordination with the WWF GEF Project Manager, the Results Based Management (RBM) Specialist provides guidance to teams on project design and design logic, development of monitoring & evaluation (M&E) (indicators and results framework), and guides the project teams through the WWF planning methodology (PPMS). The RBM Specialist can review the project’s Theory of Change, project description, and M&E sections.
  • Gender Specialist: The Gender Specialist can guide teams on WWF and GEF gender policies and compliance, as well as how to incorporate gender mainstreaming into project design. In addition, he/she can review all gender related sections in the ProDoc.
  • Safeguards Specialist: The Safeguards Specialist will inform the Executing Agency of WWF and GEF social and environmental safeguards policies, to ensure compliance. The Safeguard Specialist provides oversight over the Executing Agency’s compliance with the WWF Environment and Social Safeguards policies and procedures.
  • Program Operations and Finance Specialist: The Program Operations and Finance Specialist oversees financial and operational functions of the WWF GEF Agency, as well as project financial and administrative management during execution. He/she guides teams on budget development and project governance arrangement.

Project Development Team Roles—The Project Development team is responsible for the design and development of the project. The project team members, as well as their roles and responsibilities, must be decided early on. When identifying roles for the Project Development Team, time, capacity, and resources should be taken into account. Consider the skills needed to successfully design the project (e.g., technical experts, finance officer, government relations focal point, safeguards point person, M&E). The project development team will often include representation from government, WWF country office, a lead ProDoc development consultant, national consultant(s) to provide technical input, and the WWF GEF Project Manager.